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Can drought and election go hand in hand?

“With about 2.3 million people already suffering with serious water, food and pasture shortages in Somalia, a rapidly worsening drought could lead to an “extreme situation” by next year.” – UN

Drought has hit Somalia and already forced an estimated 100,000 people to flee their homes in search of food, water and pasture for their livestock. And this disaster is happening while Somalia kicks off its long-delayed elections, and all the people’s attention has been about election only.

Nature is often kind to us, and covers us with its gifts, just as it makes us feel worse sometimes.

The thirst, hunger, misery and destruction, which is caused by this drought is something which has been consistent with our people, and it happens year by year.  With No vision either from the central or state governments.

Our politicians are spending a lot of money on campaigns, while the people they are going to lead are dying of starvation, starvation and starvation.

There’s a bird Somalis call “HUUR/XUUR” which is ridiculed, for not being very observant, and when asked “hey Huuto, when do you get hurt?”  She replies: “When two stones hit me, and one is misses!”. Do you think our politicians are like that bird and they are not aware of the situation of their people.?

Nearly 30,000 clan delegates are assigned to choose the 275 MPs for the lower house, while Somalia’s five state legislatures elect senators for the 54-member upper house.

Consciences, tenderness, warmth, care and humanity.  Should have been the symbol of anyone running for Election, but we have not seen anyone who is speaking about this droughts from all those who running the lower house or the nearly 30,000 clan delegates or any other politicians who are busy with the election.

I wonder, an intelligent person, knowledgeable and insightful, sensible and humane, will not be spending a quarter a million for an MP seat, which he/she may won or not, while his people are dying with famine.  For one thing, it is certain that all these black-headed, empty-minded, single-minded politicians are not honest and all they want is to loot when they got elected.

Certainly, there is a need for leadership, yet, when several greedy people spend millions of dollars in unqualified positions, and the drought-stricken people only need half that money.




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