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Somalia in shock after Mogadishu hotel attack

In front of the Journal of Africa, Somalia in shock after the attack by the Shebabs on Sunday at a hotel in Mogadishu, the capital. At least 16 people have died. The jihadist group launched another offensive against a Somali military base on Monday, according to a government spokesman. The explanations in this journal.

In conclusion, the sale of alcohol and cigarettes, prohibited as part of the measures taken to curb the Covid-19 pandemic in South Africa, is again permitted. Alcohol sales have been banned in the country on March 27, when strict containment was decided in an attempt to counter the pandemic. The purpose was to alleviate the pressure on hospitals, which no longer had to deal with alcohol-related illnesses and accidents.

In Morocco, tourism accounts for 7% of GDP and represents 500,000 direct jobs and 2 million indirect jobs. This sector is now almost at a standstill. In question, the closure of borders for foreign tourists and a national rise in Covid-19 cases, which limits domestic tourism. Report in Marrakech.

Finally, Gabon is celebrating 60 years of independence. This small country in the Gulf of Guinea, rich in hydrocarbons, has had three presidents for 60 years, including two from the same family: Bongos. Narration in pictures of this independence and decryption of Ali Bongo’s speech by our correspondent in Libreville.

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